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We’ve created a forum for anyone, like us, who is passionate about Northern Cyprus.  Whether you are interested in the nature and wild life, books, local music, food or the latest developments on the Cyprus Dispute, our lifestyle section provides interesting articles and videos. It’s easy to navigate with sections for each area of interest.

Food & Lifestyle has sections on food and cooking of the region, including a regular series of articles about fruit and vegetables available in North Cyprus, covering what’s in season, how to prepare, the nutritional benefits and suggested recipes.  We love the fresh and tasty ingredients you can find on the island, so why not try some new recipes yourself.  Our primary focus is Turkish Cypriot and Turkish recipes together with recipes from around the Eastern Mediterranean region, but we have included a few dishes from other cuisines which showcase the seasonal fruit and vegetables.

We’ve created a section on Books, covering general interest books about the region, history of the island and fiction books set in either Cyprus or Turkey.  We’ve also included a few well-known writers from the region.

Our music section introduces those new to Turkish music to the range of styles, from traditional folk music to pop.

Cyprus has a very rich history, with influences from the many different cultures who either conquered or traded with the island.  In our History section, we present a collection of articles about the history and archaeology, including regular articles on historical places of interest in North Cyprus, in particular less well-known sites. 

Our wildlife section has articles about the plants and animals of our beautiful island, including videos which take the viewer into the countryside to share its rich nature.

Cyprus traditions is a collection of articles about traditional Cypriot culture.  Once the festival season re-commences we will share articles about local festivals and events.

With the next round of peace negotiations about to commence, we’ve included a section with current and some historical articles on the Cyprus Dispute.
Finally, we have a section on Covid-19, with background articles on Covid, vaccines, potential medication etc.

To make our Lifestyle section a success we need your help.  We would love you to post articles which would interest our members. Just add a post or comment on any of the items and start the debate.  If you would like to contribute an article of become a regular contributor, we would love to hear from you.  We know many of you have expertise which would be wonderful to share. Send us a message via the contact form on InfoNorthCyprus.com and we will be in touch.

Rest assured we will continue to keep you up to date on the main InfoNorthCyprus.com website on the latest processes and procedures, including latest news on Covid-19, analysis of the daily statistics and guides to help you navigate things like residency, car registration, tax and MOTs and services.

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