Hulusi Akar: Turkish army presence in Cyprus must be assessed in the context of international law

by Cyprium News

We have the same perception that we had in 1974, said Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, saying that the presence of the Turkish army in Cyprus must be assessed in the context of international law.

The Turkish Minister, stating that Cyprus is a national affair for Turkey, said that “we, as Turkey, have the same view that we had in 1974, the same perception. “Let everyone know that.” “I want to remind all our interlocutors that it is unacceptable to misunderstand the presence of the Turkish Armed Forces in the framework of the guarantee agreement and that this presence must be assessed in the context of international law. “They should also be aware that distorted statements and actions that do not reflect the truth do not benefit either the Greek Cypriot side or the Greeks,” said Hulusi Akar.

The Turkish Minister argued that the Greek Cypriots should abandon their “uncompromising stance” as soon as possible and accept the Turkish presence there. “They need to know that they are dominant and equal. In this regard, we hope that the EU’s strategic blindness will end. Unfortunately, there they see the developments one-sidedly. They see them with the e / k look. “This is definitely not in line with international law and realities,” said the Turkish YPAM.

Hulusi Akar said that “now everyone should see that the only solution on the island is the solution of the two states”, arguing that “it is important to do this as soon as possible”. He said third parties must be objective on this issue. “Our friends and allies must look at developments and problems in the context of logic and prudence. They should look at things objectively, without emotions and prejudices. We expect the EU to contribute to resolving the issue with a mediating role without being unilateral. ”

Referring to Greek-Turkish relations, the Turkish Minister said that “we are in favor of resolving all issues under international law, through dialogue and good neighborly relations. We are open to dialogue, we want a peaceful path “. He argued that despite Turkey’s positive approach, Greece “with its provocative actions, irresponsible statements, threatening language and similar approaches, undermines stability and peace in the region.”

“We are constantly telling them that they must avoid statements and actions that increase tensions and negatively affect stability. We know that the main purpose of our neighbor’s actions is to negatively influence and mislead the EU and the international community. “We have taken all the measures and continue to take them to address this,” said Hulusi Akar.

The Turkish Minister also said that the Turkish Armed Forces, at the behest of the nation and with the strength it receives from its prayers, will continue to fulfill their duty with sincerity and self-sacrifice. He stated that “as Barbarossa’s grandchildren, we promise that your seas will be calm, your bow will be clean and the road you have paved will remain open.”

Referring to Egypt, the Turkish Minister said that it is very important that Egypt has respected the maritime borders that Turkey has announced to the UN. “This development is important and we expect it to continue. We have many historical and cultural ties with Egypt. “We estimate that in the coming days we can see significant developments,” he said.

Source: Cyprium News

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