New Edition Hitit Turkish Language Set 1- Beginner Paperback – January 1, 2012

This is also a series of study books which are graded from 1 – basic, B1 & B2 Intermediate and C1 & C2 Advanced. There is a course book and a work book for each level, together with a CD. Each book is divided into several chapters which are designed to be worked through within a class.

These books are frequently used in Turkey for teaching the language and are considered to be the best of the Turkish language course books, however, I am not aware of any Turkish teacher on the island using this set of course books to teach Turkish.

Uses a range of different types of exercises to help you practise Turkish, including reading and understanding. Comprehension exercises, talking exercises.

Once you have completed some basic Turkish then these are a good resource to reinforce what you are learning by self-study. Personally I preferred the Istanbul series and I suspect that these books would be less useful as a self-study resource, as they are very clearly focussed on class teaching. There are no answers to the exercises, so you would need to get your teacher or Turkish friends to check if your answers are correct.

Available – new online, but quite expensive, it is possible to download online free.

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