TARKAN - Şımarık

pronounced [ʃɯmaˈɾɯk], "Spoilt"), also known as "Kiss Kiss", is a 1997 song by Turkish singer Tarkan.

"Şımarık" was released in France in 1998 and the rest of the world in 1999, from the compilation album Tarkan, which was released in Europe. It has sold two million copies all across Europe. Many versions of the song were recorded in different languages, most notably the English-language cover, titled "Kiss Kiss", by Greek-American singer Stella Soleil in 2001 which was itself covered by Australian actress Holly Valance in 2002. It is generally considered Tarkan's signature song in Europe.

When the single was released in Europe, it reached No. 1 in Belgium, No. 2 in Norway, plus No. 3 in Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Sales went gold in Europe, where Tarkan was presented with his gold disc at Cannes Midem and in Germany by Universal.

Source> Wikipedia, Tarkan YouTube

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