Turkish Cypriots claim their properties in the South

Turkish Cypriots start to Claim Properties in the south (CypriumNews article).

2932 houses / flats were built on 901129 square meters of Turkish Cypriot property in the South without expropriation and without making an agreement, and that other Turkish properties was given to the use of “immigrants” and this situation constituted a “time bomb”.

It was pointed out that there are 10 settlements in Paphos under the name of state residences, 7 in Larnaca, 8 in Limassol and 7 in the Greek part of Nicosia.

Fileleftheros reported the news with the headline “Turkish Cypriots Demand Their Property with Evacuation Orders in Their Hands … A Total of 2932 Houses / Flats and Others in 32 Settlements Creates Uncertainty … one Turkish Cypriot Owner Demands His Land With 11 Farms and 4-5 Shops”.

The newspaper, which wrote that the Greek “immigrants” used the houses built by themselves on the Turkish Cypriot lands in Polemidia (Binatlı), especially in recent years, the land of the “Dromolaksia” (Mormenekşe) was “evaluated” within the scope of “building their own house”.

He reminded that although his property was built before 1974, he filed a lawsuit against “all immigrants” demanding it is returned to him. RMMO’s “Andreas Papandreou Air Base” in Paphos, which is on Turkish Cypriot property, was also requested to be returned.

The newspaper wrote that Turkish Cypriots and / or their heirs, who left the island before 1974, started to demand their properties in the South in recent years and stated that these demands, which they described as “epidemic”, “crossed the borders of settlement” as in Nisu (Dizdarköy).

In the report, it was pointed out that in the Dizdarköy example, the Turkish Cypriot owner is demanding his land, which includes 11 breeding farms and 4-5 shops.

According to the newspaper, the Greek administration reached an amicable agreement with the Turkish Cypriot owner in 2012, as a house was built, and a section of the highway passed through it. It was also stated that the inheritors of the landlord, who reached agreement started to demand rent and retrospective use fees from the immigrants who used the land.

He pointed out that the Dizdarköy issue was dealt with in the Greek Parliament’s “Immigrants” Committee yesterday, and that the members of the committee wanted the Greek administration to deal with the issue and expropriate the Turkish Cypriot land so that the “immigrants” would not be affected.

According to the news a daughter, who inherited the property in Dizdarköy from her father, village Leader Kullis Poyacis said at the Committee meeting that “the immigrants received a letter stating that the agreement with the Turkish Cypriot Property Guardianship was void and that they had to agree with the owner.” . “Immigrants are asked to sell properties they have spent thousands of euros on,” Poyacis said.

An affected Greek said, “The owner demanded a total of 1 million Euros from the three immigrants, and a monthly rent of 700 Euros and a retroactive 60 thousand Euros from a restaurant manager.”

Yorgos Matheopulos, Deputy Director of the “Guardianship of Turkish Cypriot Property”, who attended the committee meeting, stated that the affected Greek Cypriots cannot claim the compensation of their expenses on Turkish Cypriot property and that they should agree with the owner.

Source: cypriumnews.com