Wild Flowers of the Mediterranean: A Complete Guide to the Islands and Coastal Regions

by Christopher Grey-Wilson and Marjorie Blamey | 7 Jun 2004

This book is the standard field guide to the flowers, fruit trees, grasses and ferns found in the countries bordering the Mediterranean. It covers Portugal, Spain, France, Corsica, Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, the Balkans, Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco - in all over 2500 plant species are described. Introductory chapters cover the general ecology and climate of the region, and describe the structure of the book and how to use it.

Illustrated by renowned botanical artist Marjorie Blamey, and written by leading field botanist Christopher Grey-Wilson, this field guide will enable anyone to identify the wild plants found in this lovely and diverse region.

If you want a comprehensive botanical guide which covers all the main wild flowers of the island this is an ideal book. The pictures of the plants are illustrations rather than photos, but can together with the botanical descriptions can easily be used to identify the plants.

Available: Currently out of Print, but used copies are available from Amazon.co.uk. A few new copies are available on Amazon, but they are very over—priced.

⦁ ISBN-10 : 0713670150

⦁ ISBN-13 : 978-0713670158